Meridia Media Group

Meridia Media Group (, a lean media-buying firm based in Los Angeles, California, asked me to revitalize and unify their branding.

The project included all customer and client-facing visual identity, including new logo design, typographywebsite design, one-sheet templates, business cards, presentation templates, and email campaign templates. The client and I also worked together to create a brand brief to guide the company's decision-making in current and future projects.

The final logo decided on by the company's President and CEO after lengthy discussion

The final logo decided on by the company's President and CEO after lengthy discussion

Logo drafts

We employed Gantt to manage valuable company time & keep stakeholders informed on project progress.

Business cards

Font pairing & onesheet drafts

:10-second commercials onesheet

Programming onesheet

Onesheet, website, and logo drafts

Samples from the presentation template

Company art

Email campaign snippets

Website/font pairing drafts


LinkedIn unification

Using Format