Crowd Theory Entertainment

Crowd Theory Entertainment (website) is a young upstart entertainment company that connects events that need live entertainment and LA's top musicians. 

Crowd Theory Entertainment's CEO came to me in need of a complete visual overhaul and modernization of all his customer-facing materials, from his instagram templates, to his websitequote sheets, contract documents, brand photography, and logo modernization.

I worked (and continue to work) with the CEO over the course of the last 4 months to outline a cohesive brand identity using a brand brief we constructed together during our initial consultations.

Final logo and favicon

Final logo and favicon

Quote template

Contract template

Instagram templates

A sample of brand artwork overlaid with band logos created for the website.

The client wanted each band to have its own brand and feel, distinct from Crowd Theory Entertainment's brand as an entertainment company.

We worked with the client to plan out the photo shoot in software to ensure we achieved the look they wanted without wasted resources.

I continue to work with the client to outline photographic guidelines, and to produce on-brand photography to incorporate into marketing materials.

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